Gucci Bamboo Review

In the spring of 2015, Gucci launched its new fragrance under the name of Gucci Bamboo which represents femininity and grace. The fragrance is feminine and strong but gentle at the same time. It was made for strong and independent women. The fragrance has a woody freshness and refreshes with the first airy notes until the woody fragrant essences start to dominate.

Fragrant notes which contains Gucci Bamboo

You will sense bergamot with the first drop and it’s like it never fades during the duration of this perfume. Over time, the citrus accords of bergamot lead to the heart of the ylang-ylang, lily and orange blossom fragrance. At the end, the woody notes like sandalwood and amber prevail. Because of the unique combination of fragrance notes, some will find it intense and too strong for summer days. This fragrance is certainly fresh, but if you’re not a fan of intense woody notes, it could be too much for you. It is an excellent choice for long nights out because there is a chance you won’t have to reapply it during the night. The fragrant notes are so strong, they could last a whole day on your skin.

Why Gucci Bamboo?

The crystal bottle is luxurious, but very clear with sharp grey-silver lines, of the real art Deco style. It’s the perfect combination of the pink colored perfume bottle. The face of the Gucci Bamboo perfume is the Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot. This gorgeous design makes an excellent decorative accessory for your bathroom or the place where you keep your perfumes. If you’re looking for a long lasting, extremely feminine fragrance with non fading notes, this is the perfect perfume for you. It came out in spring, so it’s considered a spring fragrance, but it is definitely an excellent addition for any season.

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