Tricks that help your perfume last longer

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Have you ever been in a situation where you put a few drops of perfume, but after a few minutes, you can’t even sense the scent? The first thing that comes to mind is the fragrance quality, but, that’s not necessarily always the case. Here are a few tricks to help improve the perfumes duration.

Trick nr.1: It is important where you keep your perfume

Perfume is kept in a colder place without much light. It has to be as far away from the heat because heat and light can affect the characteristics of the perfume. If a perfume stays in the sun for a couple of hours it is possible that it will never be useful again because it will change its color and texture and with that, its essence.

Trick nr.2: You are applying perfume to the wrong places

A perfume is applied on the key points of the body, for example: neck, wrist, behind the knee and on the elbows. It is also possible to apply perfume on your hair because hair absorbs fluids which helps the duration of the perfume.

Trick nr.3: The skin is not hydrated

It is very important to keep the skin hydrated everyday, otherwise it becomes dry, deeply dehydrated and coarse. The perfume gets absorbed better and holds its scent longer on the skin when the skin has enough moisture.

Trick nr.4: The touch of your skin

A typical mistake that a lot of people make is: after putting perfume on the wrist they automatically rub the wrists together. What people don’t know is that in that moment, you lost the very first essence notes and with that, the essential fragrance is gone.

Trick nr.5: Body lotion

If you put body or milk lotion on your skin before applying perfume, you will surely intensify its duration.

Trick nr.6: Types of fragrances which you buy

While buying a new perfume, you need to know the difference between perfume and Eau de toilette. These are the two kinds which are the most popular. Short and sweet – perfume lasts more than Eau the toilette and there is not much that can be done about that. You can find a more detailed description of scented groups here:

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